Second XBOX Night

Before school really gears up, we thought we’d have our second XBOX night this Friday (Aug 18), same time, 5-9 (come late, stay late, no problem). We would like to have a standing night; we’re thinking the first Friday of every month. We’ll make an official announcement soon.

I will be emailing the same group of people that attended the first night, however I’d like to move away from email and use this site exclusively. Anyone that has attended in the past, has been invited by someone, or simply has heard about it, is welcome. They can simply leave a comment on the post confirming the next gathering. People are welcome to come even if they don’t RSVP, but they aren’t guaranteed a player’s spot.


Posted on August 14, 2006, in Game Night. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Tommy will not make it. But we can borrow his XBOX.

  2. Ed Hassinger is coming. Bringing his XBOX 360, single controller. Halo2 classic, Halo2 360, Far Cry360, and more!

  3. Hey Kleymeyers! I can’t believe it is Wednesday already…and I never emailed to let you know about Erik coming to Friday nights tournament. He is looking forward to it! Are the parents still invited? If so, what can I bring or do to help?


  4. Yes Janice, we’re looking forward to having some parents hang out with us.

    If you would like, you can bring drinks to go along with the food we will grill on Friday.

  5. Matt’s coming, will bring his XBOX. That’s 4 XBOX’s so far!

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