PostMortem 081201

Record night!We had 6 XBOX 360’s with three additional in the wings (owners didn’t bring them).  We can officially say that we have completely transitioned to the 360 and won’t be using classics anymore even for secondary games.This was probably the best layout we’ve ever had maximizing the most screen space.  Maxed out we had:4 playing on a 32″ HDTV in 1080i2 playing on a 40″ HDTV in 1080p2 playing on a projector against a wall2 playing on a 27″ TV2 playing on a 21″ wide LCD monitorWe maxed out the game at 16 with a total of 17 people playing during the night:MattHansPaulParkerHudsonJohnDavidTommyJayConnorHunterAlanKristenDimitriJRLeeSanjeevThe night taught us that we’ll have to have a little more planning next time so that things go smoother.  To that end I will now ask anyone that plans to attend to RSVP at least by the night before.  If you won’t know until the last minute, you are welcome to come but you will not get priority in whatever layout/games/tournament/challenges we come up with to accomodate everyone that RSVPed.More ideas on how will mix things up next coming soon….


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