Halo 3 Playing Tips

  1. Use your grenades liberally. Know how to switch between the different types and prefer the plasma or grenades that stick.
  2. Learn where the weapons are on the map and arm yourself with the good ones as soon as possible. I good combination is a long-distance weapon such as sniper or Battle Rifle with a shotgun. Learn to switch quickly and choose the weapon appropriate for the proximity of the enemy.
  3. Shoot at body to deplete shields (4x with Battle Rifle) then go for the head to kill with one more shot.
  4. Unless trying to hide, always keep moving to lesson chance of being sniped. Jumping and moving side to side is effective in close combat
  5. If you move slowly or crouch, you won’t show up on the radar!
  6. When using the rocket-launcher on a body, aim at their feet to kill them with splash damage. Don’t aim at them because if you miss it goes past them.
  7. Plasma weapons are good at depleting shields but are not that great used on a body. Bullet weapons are good on bodies but no so good on shields or vehicles. Try dual wielding and using plasma to deplete shields and a bullets to finish off opponent.
  8. Form up, preferably in triangle formation.  Those ahead should use short range weapons such as shotgun or needlers, while those in the back can use battle rifles or carbines.  Snipers should find nice vantage point farther behind.
  9. Use flankers.  One person dives in headlong to draw attention while others surpise from the sides.
  10. Take care using grenades and rocket launchers in close quarters since they can damage your own team.  Announce where you are throwing grenades.


Map overview of High Ground, Snowbound, Valhalla (the three maps in the beta)

Tactical breakdown of High Ground, Snowbound, Valhalla

Halo 3 Tips #1

Halo Forever Tips


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